John Lumley Obituary, Death – The group has been in a state of sadness ever since they found out earlier this week that John Lumley, an active member of the club’s fans, had gone away earlier in the week. John Lumley was the one who unfortunately passed away. John Lumley was a loyal supporter of the club for a significant amount of time, which spanned across a number of years. At the beginning of this week, the material was sent out to the appropriate people and organizations so that they could do the necessary reviews on it.

When John was younger, he used to spend a lot of time at a number of the local non-league sites, some of which include Daventry Town, Coventry Sphinx, and Leamington, amongst others. Some of these locations are Daventry Town, Coventry Sphinx, and Leamington. These are just some of the locations that he was known to visit on a regular basis. Daventry Town, the Coventry Sphinx, and Leamington are among these places since it is most possible that John will be located in one of these localities.

This category includes a number of different locales, including the Sphinx in Coventry, Leamington, and Daventry Town, to name just a few of them. These locations are all easily accessible from one another and may be found in close proximity to one another in the same general area. Moreover, they are all located in the same general region. Another human being has been taken from this world much too soon after they were brought into it; they were taken from it much too soon after they were born. This world has lost an innocent human being much too soon after they were brought into it.

The news of his leaving was really disheartening; he was such a considerate and generous person, and a great many people would miss him very much. The news of his departure was extremely upsetting. The news of his departure was a huge disappointment to everyone. Everyone’s mood took a major turn for the worst when they heard the news of his leaving. It was as if someone had slammed me with a ton of bricks when I found out that he had passed away; the news came crashing down on me like a ton of weight.