John Marcano Obituary, Death -According to the Florida Highway Patrol, it was confirmed that a man who was 53 years old and had rear-ended another vehicle and then driven through the front window of Phantom Fireworks in West Melbourne, Florida, was confirmed to have died as a result of the incident, which started a fire that quickly spread throughout the establishment. The incident caused a fire, which soon spread across the entirety of the establishment after it was started. The report from the FHP indicates that the driver, who was ultimately determined to be John Marcano from West Melbourne, passed tragically at the scene of the fire. Today, the report was made available to the whole public.

The circumstances surrounding his passing were not immediately clear, which led to a lack of clarity in the situation. In addition, it is unknown what caused the accident before he drove into the establishment where he worked; this information is currently unavailable. This information is not known.
Even though the family is in the throes of the grieving process, they are of the opinion that the situation could have had a different outcome if there had been roadblocks in the way of the business. Even though this is the case, they are of the opinion that the situation could have had a different outcome.

According to the statements that Minu Marcano has made, there was a chance that this tragedy could have been avoided. This is the conclusion drawn from his statements. “If only there had been walls to keep people from entering the building,” said the man. A member of the West Melbourne council named John Dittmore expressed to FOX 35 News that he has high hopes that the store will reconsider its decision to rebuild in the future so that it can include safety precautions in the process.