John Shields Obituary, Death – You are undoubtedly well aware of the fact that after he suffered his first heart attack, his wife rushed to his side to assist him. Following the successful completion of his open-heart surgery, he is free to engage in new activities and gain new experiences. In his spare time, he took pleasure in tinkering with cars in addition to working on the little farm he owned. His farm didn’t cover a very large area. Both of these were things that he did with remarkable regularity. It seems as though he was never without his Great Danes by his side. After returning from his service in Vietnam, John Shields made his intentions clear to his longtime love, Karen. During the length of their cruise together—which lasted for 51 years—they went on an amazing and thrilling journey together.

He was of the opinion that his time spent serving in the Army had contributed to the general improvement of his life experiences. Both repairing the Cobra helicopters and flying them were activities that he found to be quite exciting in their own right. John opened his own auto repair shop in 1976 and worked there for the following 39 years until he was forced to retire due to a heart condition. John’s career in the auto repair industry spanned from 1976 until his retirement. Since then, John has noted that he is experiencing a great deal less anxiety. His wife Karen, sons Mark and Chad (Cassandra), and siblings Ruthann Waldoch, W. Donald (Ginny) Shields, Mary Ellen (John) Elggren, Robert (Kathy) Shields, and Michael Shields are among the surviving members of his family. Both of his sons, Mark and Chad (Cassandra), Shields, have found partners and started families of their own.

Michael Shields and Robert (Kathy) Shields, two of John’s brothers, are the grandparents of six of John’s grandchildren. Michael and Robert are John’s siblings. His brothers Michael and Robert Shields are also still with us now, in addition to him (married to Kathy). John will be laid to rest in the Utah Veterans Cemetery in Bluffdale. This is the location that has been chosen for him. This place will serve as their final resting place for him. Very soon, gatherings of his closest friends and family members to celebrate his life will take place.