John Wayne Obituary, Death – How to effectively witness was the topic of yesterday’s Bible study. When I first got up, I believed this message was important. It is essential to share the good news of Jesus. Your impact on other people may have long-lasting effects. I wish you the same blessings that this tale has brought me.
John Wayne is no more! John Wayne is a well-known actor. Perhaps you are unaware of how he died. It is true!
Cindy Schuller, Robert Schuller’s daughter, lost a leg in a motorcycle collision. Robert Schuller is standing behind John Wayne. He overheard Dr. Schuller mention that his daughter had her leg amputated during one of his shows.

“Dear Cindy,” wrote John Wayne. We apologize for your accident. Good luck! John Wayne, Sr. After receiving John Wayne’s letter, she made the decision to reply.
Good day, Mr. Wayne Your letter was received. I sincerely appreciate it. You’re amazing. I have Christ’s support. Does Wayne know Jesus? Mr. Wayne, I sincerely hope you are a follower of Jesus because, without you, heaven would not be complete. I hope you’ll accept Jesus if you haven’t already. Godspeed. She vowed.
When the visitor walked into her room, she had just sealed the letter and signed it “John Wayne.”

How do you behave? That’s funny, I’m having dinner with John Wayne tonight at the Newport Beach Club, he said in response. I wrote John Wayne a letter, but I don’t know how to send it, she remarked. Give it to him; it’s mine. He tucked her letter into the coat pocket. Twelve people ate dinner that night. The moment the letter touched his pocket, he recalled. Dear Duke: The man handed the letter to John Wayne and said, “Schuller’s daughter wrote you a letter and asked me to deliver it. VoilĂ .
John Wayne formally opened it. Someone turned to look at John Wayne as they joked and laughed. Wept. Greetings, Duke. What’s up? I want to read you this letter, he said (can you hear him?). They did read it.

He sobbed. John Wayne then passed away. “Tell that little girl that right now, in this restaurant, John Wayne gives his heart to Jesus Christ and I’ll see her in heaven,” he said, before folding it and slipping it into his pocket.
Your witness may have an impact on someone’s eternal destiny.