John Wilhelm Obituary, Death – John Wilhelm of Hamler Ohio has sadly passed away. John grew up in Ann Arbor, which is in the state of Michigan. Before enrolling at the University of Michigan, John completed his secondary education at Detroit Catholic Central High School, where he excelled academically. The children of Paul John Wilhelm and Linda Diane Eddy’s marriage. He is survived by his sister Elizabeth A. Stafford, brother Paul Anthony Wilhelm, who was married to Amanda Price Wilhelm, and Maria T. Sewell, who was married to Jason D. Sewell.

His father, Paul Anthony Wilhelm, died before him (Scott E. Stafford). He is the nephew of eight relatives who consider him an aunt or uncle, the cousin of many relatives who consider him a cousin, and the nephew of many relatives who consider him an aunt or uncle. John approached life’s challenges with a joyful spirit that was also generous and full of grace. He was also a brave man. He chose the path of giving, relationships, and service over the path of his own comfort despite being brilliant, ambitious, and capable in body, mind, and spirit. Regardless of the fact that he was all of these things at once. He was capable in all aspects of his being: body, mind, and spirit. In the month of July 1993, John was injured while assisting others in California.

As a long-term traumatic brain injury survivor, he devoted the rest of his life to caring for his father and the rest of his family, beginning when he was 20 and continuing until his death. John has been unable to move without the use of a wheelchair since 1995 and is entirely dependent on his father, Paul, for all of his daily needs. Before and after his injury, John was a bright light in the lives of everyone he met. His positive influence was felt by all. He was a leader in the Trinity Presbyterian Church youth group. Later, in college, he continued to serve as a leader by serving as a youth leader as well as a campus leader.

Following his injury, he took part in a number of community programs. John’s presence brought a ray of sunshine into the room; he cared about those in pain and was never one to cut a conversation short. He didn’t care what others thought about his injury or condition, but he made a point of thanking those who helped him. John outlived almost every prognosis made about his injury because he lived so long after it. John’s faith in Christ did not waver after he was injured; he persevered through the ordeal and did not give up hope until the very end.