John Willars Obituary,  Death – Paul D. Deusch, who had spent his whole life in North Providence and had reached the age of 55 on the day that he died away on December 3, 2022, was snatched from this world without any prior notice. His passing occurred on that date. Both of his parents, Fred H. Sr. and Dorothy E., had already passed away before he was born. His birth came after their deaths. He was the only child they ever had. He was the son of his mother and father. (Winsor) Deusch. At that time, Tracie Jessop had already expressed her desire to move forward with a romantic engagement with him that could lead to marriage.

Paul had worked his entire working life for Napoli Management, eventually climbing the corporate ladder to become a regional manager for the company. His entire working life was spent at Napoli Management. This marked the pinnacle of Paul’s professional career. Playing pool, the guitar, and shooting pictures were some of his favorite activities to do in his leisure time. He also enjoyed taking photographs. Taking pictures was another one of his interests outside of work. At one point in time, the Smithfield Sportsman’s Club regarded him as a club member. Currently, that status has been revoked. He is survived by his son, David P. Deusch, his brothers Fred H. Deusch, Jr. and his wife Tina and Michael E. Deusch and his wife Debra, his sister Kathi Jo Deusch, his best friend and companion, Debra Ferrara, his godchildren Caden and Connor Cormier, and his dog, Finn.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Fred H. Deusch, Sr. and Kathi Jo Deusch. His parents, Fred H. Deusch, Sr. and Kathi Jo Deusch, both passed away before he did. His sister Kathi Jo Deusch is one of the people that continue on after he has passed away. Debra Ferrara, who was his best friend throughout the period they were together, is another person who will miss him terribly. They shared a lot of good times together. During the visitation service that will be held on Sunday, December 11, 2022, from four in the afternoon until eight in the evening, the Robbins Funeral Home will be available to welcome guests who wish to pay their respects and pay their last respects to the deceased.

The funeral service and visitation will take place. His funeral will commence on Monday at 11:30 am at the funeral home, and it will be followed by a service in the graveyard at 12:30 pm at the Highland Memorial Park located in Johnston. Both services will take place on Monday. Johnston will serve as the location for each of these gatherings. Monday is going to be the day for both of the services to be held. Those who would like to show their support for the family in a way that is not limited to the giving of flowers are asked to make a donation to the Ronald McDonald House instead of sending flowers.