Jonathan Wiseman Obituary, Death – The suspect who was killed in a chaotic series of events on Friday morning in Delaware that included two carjackings and an officer-involved shooting has been identified by the police. These events took place in Delaware. Jonathan Wiseman, age 39, a resident of New Castle, Delaware, has been identified as the suspect. It all started on the 100 block of Ayre Street in Newport at approximately 7:30 in the morning when a report was made about a suspicious person who had a gun.

Wiseman ran away on foot as the police were arriving, pointing his gun at the officers, and then firing shots at them. Around the intersection of Route 141 and East Market Street, a school bus carrying 36 students from DelCastle Technical High School was hit by gunfire. The incident occurred in the area. Thank goodness, nobody on the bus sustained any injuries. Gary Martinez was there and heard everything. He was startled awake by the sound of the gunfire.

“When I looked out the rear window, I noticed that the state police were making their way down the ramp. There could be up to three or four cars. Almost immediately after that, they drew their weapons and began firing, “he said. He was at a loss to comprehend what was taking place. He stated, “I saw the police coming down, but when they started shooting I was like, somebody must have been shooting back at them.” “I saw the police coming down,” he said. After that, Wiseman ran away to the region around Route 141 and Route 4, where he successfully carjacked someone and made his getaway.

According to the police, this led to a protracted pursuit in the areas of New Castle and Newark. The suspect got out of his vehicle and started walking toward southbound Interstate 95 after he got stuck in a dead end on Old Coochs Bridge Road in Newark, which is behind the Red Roof Inn. According to the state police, Wiseman made two attempts to carjack different vehicles, and during one of those attempts, he fired his gun, causing damage to the vehicle’s interior. They say that Wiseman then carjacked a third victim at this location after he had already stolen two vehicles.

At this point, the state police say that troopers who were pursuing the suspect were forced to engage with him and fired their weapons at him. During this part of the incident, a motorist who was not involved in the incident sustained injuries, but it was unclear how the person was hurt. “He received medical care at a local facility, and then he was discharged. There is still a lack of clarity regarding the circumstances surrounding this injury, which are currently the subject of an investigation “state police said in a statement.

The suspect kept driving southbound on I-95 until his vehicle came to a stop south of Route 896. After that, he continued his escape. According to the police, troopers were once again forced to engage with the armed suspect, which ultimately led to him being shot. It is not yet clear whether Wiseman was shot by police or if he shot himself. Neither of these possibilities can be ruled out. According to the state police, troopers attempted to render first aid to Wiseman, but he did not survive.