Jordan Wells Obituary, Death – Jordan Wells, 34, of Fitzgerald, Georgia died in a tree-cutting accident Monday afternoon. Jordan was owner and operator at Wells & Co. Restorations. Jordan was a branch account Manager at Salco Products, Inc. According to the coroner, the man died after falling from a bucket truck while trimming trees. The accident occurred on Irwinville Highway around 1:15 p.m.

Accordin to Facebok post, Jordan Wells will always be one-of-a-kind. What a wonderful individual. What a fantastic companion. Jordan was a delight to be around because he had an insatiable thirst for life, laughter, and all things enjoyable. In any sport, there has never been a more ferocious competitor. But I never saw him become enraged. His smile and “what up, Bradley?” left a void that will never be filled. Please keep his wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers, especially his wife and children.

We’ve already missed you. I’ve never met anyone who has lived such a full life as you. Every second of every day, you made the most of it. We’ve known each other our entire lives, but in the last year, we’ve grown closer. It only makes sense that our children behave in this manner. You never met a stranger, and your smile was always bright. That bright smile will be missed. It possessed the ability to persuade anyone to do something they did not want to do. Allowing you to win another cornhole game at 3 a.m., or ping pong (using your left hand), or whatever other game you wanted to win because you always did.

I even let you persuade us to take another trip together this Christmas, our first cruise, which you kept calling about with new plans for us to do. We’ve had many wonderful conversations and laughed a lot. Our recent conversations, on the other hand, appear to have been mostly about the Lord and church, seeking the Holy Spirit, and properly raising our children. No sport or church event will ever be the same without you, but it’s a great comfort to know that you’re already waiting on us to show us how much fun stuff and activities there are to do in heaven.