Jordin Liebentritt Obituary, Death – Jordin never met a stranger. She had the biggest heart, and her personality was even bigger than her heart. She was a friend to everyone. She never missed an opportunity to brighten the atmosphere with her contagious laugh. You, Jordin Liebentritt, are a dear friend of mine, and I will always treasure our friendship. Some of my fondest memories were shared with you. You are going to be sorely missed by so many people, but you will never be forgotten. Have a good nap, sister. It’s impossible for me to put into words how much I love you, Jordin, and how much I miss you already.

When you entered a room, you always brought such a joyful, upbeat, and carefree spirit with you. You played such an important role in our family, and I will never forget the joy I felt every time I saw you interact with Tucker as a doting mother. I promise that I will always make sure that Tucker is aware of how much love you had for him and how wonderful of a person you were.

God rest your soul Jordin Liebentritt I adore you and think about you often. My precious niece Jordin, who was snatched away from her loved ones and friends much too soon, was lovely. Although she was only Tucker’s mother for eight months, in that short period she proved to be a wonderful, loving, and entertaining mother to her son. You will be dearly missed, lovely girl. Keep a watchful eye from above on your loved ones, most notably on that sweet little baby boy of yours! We ask that you pray for her family, including her parents and siblings.

They are the ones who require our supplications! When I got to know you, I fell in love with you. I will never forget any of the inside jokes we shared, the song “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train, or the countless selfies you posted on my Facebook wall while we were in high school. I will always treasure these memories. You were one of a kind, and I will be eternally grateful that we were able to spend as much time together as we did when putting together Kylie’s baby shower.