Jorge Marin Obituary, Death –┬áThe Pecos Police Department has been notified that there was a collision involving multiple vehicles on the road that occurred earlier today. One of the vehicles was a motor vehicle. On FM 1053, there was a collision that involved two semi-trucks, one driven north in the northbound lane by a 2022 and the other driven south in the northbound lane by a 2016. Both cars were headed in the same direction, which was northward toward their destination. The collision had an effect on both of the automobiles that were traveling on the road at the time it occurred, and both of those vehicles were damaged.

It was determined that the tractor-trailer was a total loss after it was involved in a fire in 2016 that entirely devoured it. Jorge Marin was the driver of a semi-truck that was involved in an accident with another vehicle in the year 2016. The incident occurred in 2016. Jorge was 45 years old at the time in question. It became out that he had already passed away at the scene of the collision when the investigation began. The driver of the semi-truck with the license plate number 2022 was involved in a collision, and he is currently being checked and treated for his minor injuries at a medical facility.

There has been no statement released to the general public on the victim’s identify after the shooting and homicide that took place. Marin made the decision to travel in the southbound way while she was riding in the northbound lane, and according to the Texas Department of Public Safety, it is a wonder why she made this decision. This data was supplied by the Texas Department of Public Safety. [Texas Department of Public Safety] The authorities are currently conducting a comprehensive inspection of the scene of the deadly incident as part of the continuing inquiry that is currently being carried out.