Jorge Sanchez Obituary, Death – On Saturday, after a dispute in Caldwell that lasted for many hours, police shot and killed a guy in order to put an end to the situation. An investigation into allegations of domestic abuse was being conducted by the Caldwell Police Department on Saturday morning in the 600 block of North Kimball Avenue, according to a press statement that had been issued by the department. During the course of their inquiry, they found out that the suspect had locked himself and a child inside a house to avoid being found by authorities.

“after several hours of unsuccessful negotiations, CPD SWAT was deployed and attempted to execute an arrest warrant,” it was stated in the release’s accompanying statement. A law enforcement officer was shot during that time period in a shooting that took place at that time. On the scene, a death verdict was issued for the victim. On Wednesday, the Canyon County Coroner’s Office identified Jorge Martinez-Sanchez, a resident of Caldwell who is 42 years old, as the person who was responsible for the incident.

The child was rescued and did not receive any injuries, as said in the announcement; the police officers also did not sustain any injuries during the incident. The police agency did not disclose the number of officers that participated in the shooting; however, they did confirm that those officers who were involved had been placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with the policies of the department.

The Canyon County Critical Incident Task Force, which is being managed by the Idaho State Police, is currently looking into the incident as part of the investigation that is being carried out. This is an extremely tragic predicament for everyone involved, including the family and the law enforcement. Caldwell Police Chief Rex Ingram was reported as stating, “My thoughts and prayers are with them during this horrible time,” in a press statement that was released by the department.