Jose Soliz Obituary, Death – On Saturday evening, the Madera Police Department shared a video of an officer-involved shooting along with the identify of the man who was died as a result of being shot by the officer. The man’s death was a direct result of being shot by the officer. The officer’s shot ultimately proved fatal for the victim, and he passed away as a result. At around 8:15 p.m., officers were dispatched to investigate a report of a man who was present and armed in the business sector that is located on the northeast corner of Ellis and Lake Streets. The report said that the man was in the area.

It has been stated that the man was in possession of a weapon when he came into contact with law enforcement officers. It has been said that a caller notified the police that there was a man standing outside the restaurant armed with a pistol. This information was provided by the caller to the police. The person who called the police reported that the suspect was moving the slide of the revolver, which caused bullets to fall to the ground, and aiming the gun at the person who called the police. The bullets fell to the ground because the suspect was aiming the gun at the person who called the police. According to the report, the caller provided a description of the individual who was carrying the pistol and said that he exited the business on foot.

The police say that this information was indicated in the call. When the officers from the police department arrived in the neighborhood, they found him walking around on Merced Street, which is situated in the neighborhood immediately to the south of Ellis Street.When the cops first made contact with him, they observed a man who was brandishing a gun in front of him. After further investigation, they found out that the man’s name was Jose Soliz and that he was 29 years old.