Joseph Donnelly Obituary, Death – Joseph Donnelly, a native and resident of Coalisland who had reached the age of 46 at the time of his passing, was suddenly taken from this world on December 4, 2022. He was not given any prior warning about his impending departure. He is a loving husband to his wife Rosemary, a devoted father to his children Marie, Patrick, and Martin, and a cherished older brother to Margaret, Teresa, Colette, Martin, John, Francis, Paul, and Michael. Rosemary, Patrick, and Martin all consider him their hero.

He is cherished by Rosemary, as well as by her children Marie, Patrick, and Martin. He shows the utmost deference and consideration to each and every member of his family. Following the conclusion of the wake, those in charge of the funeral will start making the necessary arrangements. A funeral service for Joseph will take place at the residence that he and his brother Michael shared on the corner of Gortgonis Road and Derryowen Place. Michael will also be present at the service. Additionally, Michael passed away before Joseph.

Joseph had already died when Michael was still a child. Jesus Christ, have mercy on his soul, because it is in your holy heart that his heart still beats even though he has been taken from this world. Kindly have mercy on him, thanks. Everyone in the Donnelly family, along with their friends and the people they worked with, is completely and utterly heartbroken over their loss, and they are mourning it. Also included in this group are the people with whom they worked.

As a direct result of his passing, the committee and members of St. Trea’s GAC Ballymaguigan would like to extend their most heartfelt condolences to his family and the people who were closest to him in his life. During this extremely trying time, we are keeping his brother Paul and the rest of the Donnelly family in our thoughts and prayers. We know that this is not an easy time for any of them. Previously, Paul served as our organization’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. The news of Paul’s passing has left us in a state of mourning.