Joseph Schroeder Obituary, Death – Joseph “Joe” Schroeder, a resident of Ceylon, Minnesota, was unexpectedly taken from this world at his house on December 3, 2022. His passing came to be known as “Joe’s,” and the day of his departure became known as “Joe’s.” That particular day was the one on which he passed away. Joseph “Joe” Schroeder was more popularly known by his nickname, Joe. His full name was Joseph “Joe” Schroeder. He had lived a complete life of 62 years before he went away at the age of 62, having reached the age of 62 years old before he passed away. Visitation is scheduled for the Osterberg Funeral Home in Jackson, Michigan, on the afternoon of Monday, December 12, 2022, from one to three o’clock, and Pastor Martin Lucin will preside over the ceremony that will take place there.

The visitation will take place on the same day as the funeral service. The celebration is scheduled to take place on Monday of this week. At the funeral home, there will be a private memorial ceremony held in honor of the person who passed away at three in the afternoon. During the service that is going to be held, they will be remembered with honor. The memorial ceremony is held in honor of the person who has died away in order to maintain the memory of the fact that they once lived alive. The person who has passed away will be remembered during the service.

The burial will take place in Jackson’s Sunset Memorial Cemetery immediately after the conclusion of the ceremony, immediately after the conclusion of the funeral, and immediately after the conclusion of the service. Immediately after the conclusion of all three of these events. Memorial gifts will be appreciated more than flowers, more than anything else, and more than anything else by the members of the dead person’s family and friends during this difficult time. You are more than welcome to express your sympathies to the family at any given time, at any given location, or at any given moment. You are also more than welcome to do so at any given moment. Please visit OFH. Care whenever you feel it would be beneficial to do so, and we will see you there!