Josephine Althhouse Obituary, Death – Josephine Althhouse, who was 90 years old at the time of the fatal car accident that occurred in Leroy on Monday, has been identified as the victim of the crash by the McClean County Coroner, Dr. Kathy Yoder, and the McClean County Sheriff, Matt Lane, who made the announcement on Tuesday. The accident resulted in Josephine’s death. The McClean County Coroner is Dr. Kathy Yoder, and the McClean County Sheriff is Matt Lane. Josephine was killed as a direct result of the accident. Dr. Kathy Yoder serves as the Coroner for McClean County, and Sheriff Matt Lane is in charge of law enforcement in the county.

On Monday, March 27, at approximately 3:27 p.m., the McLean County Coroner’s Office was notified that a death had occurred at the intersection of 3100 East Road and 400 North Road. The location of the incident was described as “a rural area.” When the incident took place, the McLean County Sheriff’s Department, the Leroy Police Department, the Leroy Ambulance Department, and the Leroy Fire Department were already present at the scene.

The medical examiner at the scene of the accident concluded that Ms. Althhouse had already passed away before the incident. The preliminary findings of the autopsy indicate that she died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries that she sustained as a result of the collision between her SUV and another vehicle. Her injuries were sustained as a result of the impact that occurred when her SUV collided with the other vehicle.

Her sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the other vehicle were involved in a collision, which is how she sustained her injuries. The study of toxicology is continuously advancing thanks to research and development efforts. Both the McLean County Coroner’s office and the McLean County Sheriff’s Department are currently conducting separate investigations into this incident. Both of these investigations are expected to be completed in the near future.