Josh Kennington Obituary,  Death – Within the context of this term, I am speaking exclusively about the Royal Logistics Corps. Josh sadly died away on the 24th of November, just over a week after unexpectedly falling on the 18th of November. His passing came just over a month after his unexpected collapse on that date. After the other members of the Medical Corps were successful in getting his heart to start beating again, he was moved to an intensive care unit in a hospital that was located in Darlington for more treatment (ICU).

Josh was unable to be brought out of his coma and revived, therefore he went away the following morning in a calm manner after the medical staff had tried their best to do so. In the preceding twenty-four hours, he had been in a state of vegetative consciousness. After some time had passed, it was discovered that Josh was unconscious. Before the awful catastrophe that befell him, the adolescent driver used to lead an active and healthy lifestyle for both himself and his family. Before the accident, he used to keep a healthy lifestyle for himself and his family.

Josh has had the desire to be a member of the armed forces ever since he was a young boy. When he was 12 years old, he made the decision to enroll in the Army Cadet Program in order to begin his training to become an officer in the army. Others who know him well describe him as having a level head as well as a caring heart, and he has professional goals that would see him move up the ranks of the organization. Others who know him well describe him as having a compassionate heart.

You are cordially invited to join us in paying tribute to the brave young soldier who is currently serving our country, and we do it with the utmost respect for you and for us. All of us who are here today are keeping him and all of his loved ones in our thoughts and prayers as we remember him and pay our respects at this service. Those people who were privileged enough to be able to call him a friend will undoubtedly feel a feeling of loss upon learning of his passing because they were able to call him a friend.