Juan Quezada Obituary, Death – Throughout his career, Juan Quezada was a respected instructor who had a significant impact on the lives of a number of other potters. Not only does his own work, but also the work of other potters, frequently come to mind when I think about the ways in which he influenced a wide range of pottery styles and forms. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to observe his influence firsthand.

During the course of my stay in the village of Mata Ortiz, which lasted for a total of six months, I was able to pick up a great deal of information about it from a variety of sources. These sources included books, the other people who lived in the village, and more experienced potters. The moment of his passing has at long last arrived! Just in time for tomorrow, when I will be presenting my Master’s thesis on the production of ceramics by Mata Ortiz. I am very grateful for your prompt response. I am overwhelmed by gratitude. As a result of this, I frequently find that I am becoming emotional, and the chills spread all over my body.

Those people who are worthy of respect should be treated with the respect that they deserve. The loss is just as painful as it was when Spencer MacCallum, the anthropologist, passed away. Rest in peace Maestro Juan Quezada. A tweet that was sent out by the Secretary of Culture for the state of Chihuahua, @cultura chihmx, informing followers of the passing of an accomplished potter from the Chihuahuan region.

Ceramics created by Mata Ortiz, which took their inspiration from the Paquimé culture, came to the attention of the world thanks to the work of Maestro Juan Quezada Celado, an artist who is renowned all over the world. On the occasion of his passing, the Secretary of Culture for the State of Chihuahua conveys her deepest condolences to his family and to all of his friends.