Judy Narancsik Obituary, Death – We are greatly sad to bring to your notice Judy Narancsik, who was one of our closest friends and a faithful supporter for many years, passed away unexpectedly, and we are devastated to notify you of her passing. For many years, she was one of our most loyal supporters. Judy was a member of the DAY 1 cast back in the days when the TVB had not yet begun to operate as an ensemble. Judy would, throughout the course of the years, go to as many of Elvis’s shows as she could, and she would do her best to always look her best and be ready to spend an evening with the King.

She spent the overwhelming bulk of her time with her “Aunt Mary” by her side. Because she was undeniably that “pleasant and familiar face,” many of you who are reading this have become friends with Judy. This is due to the fact that she cannot be denied. The news is extremely upsetting, especially when one considers the fact that Judy already had her tickets purchased for this year’s Wonderful Christmastime Around the World. Steve responded, “I don’t know what to say; she and her family have been with us as friends for over 26 years, ever since day one in Collingwood 1996.”

I don’t know what to say,” “Today is a truly awful day.” The concerts of this year are dedicated to honoring your memory. “Today is a truly terrible day.” I pray that Judy’s soul will finally find rest. We adored Judy, and after Dave joined the band, we looked forward with great anticipation to seeing her perform at the shows. Sending lots of love and prayers to Judy’s family! Judy, you will be sorely missed by your many friends in the TVB family may you rest in peace.