Julie Carter Obituary, Death –┬áNeal always refers to Julie CARTER as Jude, despite the fact that a few additional people in Banbury call her by the name Jules. Julie CARTER resides in Banbury. Julie, who was a patient at The Katharine House Hospice when she died away on November 29, 2022 at the age of 61, did so in a tranquil and respectful manner despite the fact that she was nearing the end of her life. On that particular day, she took her own life and has never been seen again.

She was a devoted mother to Kayleigh, as well as a treasured wife to Neal, who frequently showered his attention and affection on her. Neal showered his attention and affection on her regularly because she was a devoted mother to Kayleigh. Kayleigh and Neal could not believe how fortunate they were to have her as a part of their lives. She is a wonderful friend to a great many people in addition to being the grandmother of Tony’s son, the sister of Malcolm, the mother-in-law of Tony, the sister-in-law of Linda and Ian, and the grandmother of Thomas, who is Tony’s grandson. Grandpa Tony has a grandson named Thomas.

According to the plans for the funeral service that have been made up until this point, the memorial service that will be held in honor of Julie will take place at Banbury Crematorium on Thursday, December 15 at noon. This is scheduled to take place in honor of Julie. This is in line with the fact that arrangements have already been made for the burial service, thus it is appropriate to say this now.

Julie made it abundantly clear that all of the people who intended to attend the funeral ceremony were required to adhere to a dress code that was comprised of formal black attire in order to participate in the ceremony. In other words, if you wanted to attend the funeral, you needed to dress appropriately.