Julie Krahl Obituary, Death – Julie Krahl, a member of Mound Westonka Girls High School has suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Julie died of a brain aneurysm. On Friday evening, immediately after the Mound Westonka Girls High School game, Julie had a brain aneurysm and had to be taken to the hospital. As a direct consequence of this, she had to be transported to the hospital for treatment, and it was necessary for her to be present there. She did not leave during any of the other activities that took place over the weekend.

The majority of the embroidery work that was done on our team’s apparel was done by Julie, who also happened to be the mother of one of our Warriors. She was the one who worked on the hoodies, hats, and other items that belonged to our team. Her performance was very impressive and worthy of praise. Friendship was something that she was thought of as having by anyone who knew her and held a favorable opinion of her. This was because she was such a helpful neighbor to the people in the neighborhood.

This tragic and unanticipated loss of our dear friend Julie Krahl prompted the establishment of this GoFundMe page in order for us to be in a position to provide our financial support to her family. Please give some thought to making a contribution of any amount that you are able to give, whether it be one dollar or one thousand dollars. Julie was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm on December 3, and it was this condition that ultimately led to the cause of her death. Julie passed away on December 3. This aneurysm was the cause of her passing away in the end. In order to help Jeff, Jerry, and Sammy with a variety of costs, including those associated with medical treatment and the costs of the funeral, any money that is raised will be put to use. Your ability to make a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated by our organization, and we will be grateful to you for it.