Kaitlyn Campbell Obituary, Death – This communication is being distributed to the members of the IAPF with the utmost compassion on the part of the organization. This young lady will be remembered by many people who went to the 2022 International Hoof-Care Summit. She drove all the way from Havana, Florida to Cincinnati, Ohio by herself in order to participate in a farrier education event that is commonly referred to as the “summit.” She made a pit stop along the route and went to sleep in her vehicle. When she first came to Cincinnati, she was introduced to a number of farriers who were exceptionally nice and supportive, one of them being our very own Dave Farley CF APF-I.

She got a chance to talk to Taylor Brandon APF, who had been awarded the Roy Bloom Scholarship for the year 2022. Taylor was kind enough to offer Kaitlyn the use of an additional bed that she had in her room. She had the opportunity to spend time with Dave and Karen Farley after the Summit, where she had the opportunity to learn a great deal of information about her new chosen profession. After Christmas of this year, she intended to pay them another visit to continue their conversation. During the Summit, she was given the opportunity to join the IAPF as a member.

From the mouth of Dave Farley: “This information is being shared with a heavy heart on my part. I count it among my many blessings that I am able to serve as a guide and instructor to many up-and-coming farriers. At the International Hoof-Care Summit held in Cincinnati the year before, I had the pleasure of meeting Kaitlyn. In a short amount of time following that, she came to see us, stayed the night at our house, and spent time shoeing. She was so focused on achieving her objective of being a good farrier that she was so determined to study as much as she possibly could.

Unfortunately, she was involved in an automobile accident, and she went away not long after the incident. Because ours is a close-knit community comprised of people who share similar values and perspectives, I’d like to ask you to spare a thought for her husband and her two young children, who will go through the remainder of their lives without their mother. I am grateful.”

A fundraising campaign on GoFundMe has been set up. It was initially established to help offset the costs of medical care, but now it will be used to cover the costs of her funeral. This is a link to the page that you want: https://gofund.me/e187783e
There have already been contributions made to this fund by a number of IAPF members. During the holiday season, it is our sincere wish that additional IAPF members will donate to the organization and pass along this message to others in the farrier community.
Your thoughts and prayers are requested to be offered up for Kaitlyn Campbell, her husband Nicholas Campbell, their two small children, and the rest of their family.