Kay Brooks Obituary, Death  –  Kay Brooks, a wonderful member of our team who had recently vanished without warning, was taken away from us in an unexpected manner on Friday evening. The fact that we are going to share some news with you does not provide any comfort to us, and we are at a loss for words. When you informed us that she had passed away, both you and I were taken entirely by surprise, as was I.

Kay was a jubilant individual who contributed a remarkable quantity of positive energy to the medical institution in where she worked. She had the ability to make everyone around her laugh and grin on a regular basis, which is indicative of the fact that she was a consistent source of joy for everyone in her immediate vicinity. [Here’s a good example:] There is no doubt in my opinion that a substantial part of you have benefited, in some capacity or another, from Kay’s assistance and support in some way.

In fact, there is no question in my mind that this is the case. This is something that I am able to affirm without the slightest reservation. She was always assisting another person or keeping that person’s child so that the other person might seek medical assistance. Her motivation was to ensure that the other person received prompt care. Her drive came from a need to see to it that the other individual received urgent medical attention.

In no way, shape, or form did she ever make any time in her schedule for her own personal interests or pursuits. Because she will no longer play a role in our lives, everyone on the team is experiencing a profound sense of loss as a result of the fact that she is no longer a member of the team. This is due to the fact that she is no longer a part of the team. There is a book of condolences for you to sign, and you can sign it at either St. Anne’s or Beltinge, whichever location is more convenient for you.

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. At both of these locations, there are copies of the book that guests can sign after reading it. Sending our love to Kay’s children and grandchildren, whom she never stopped gushing about and who were the single most important aspect of her life, is the very last thing that we want to do, although it is by no means the least important thing to do. Kay, you are always in our thoughts and hearts; we pray that you will finally find the peace and quiet that you so richly deserve. Please know that you are never far from our minds and that we love you very much.