Kenny Wolfe Obituary, Death – Kenny Wolfe of Ohio has unexpectedly passed away. Kenny was an Amazing Young Man, and I had a Great Deal of Love and Concern for Him! Another young man’s life was cut tragically short in this town much earlier than it should have been. Kenny, know that we will always love you and that we will miss you terribly. Son, may you rest in peace. My deepest condolences to your family. Another South Central Rebel that was taken from us much too soon was killed.

You were the younger sibling I never had but always wanted, and I never got one until I had you. We are thankful that you are such a wonderful uncle to our two daughters and that you have been a part of their lives. We are grateful that you made the effort to travel all the way here just to buy them some lemonade, assist them in planting their garden, play basketball with them, and let them know how much you loved them. Andrew and his siblings all said their final goodbyes to their younger brother, who passed away yesterday evening. In addition, Lisa said her final goodbyes to her youngest son, and both of our daughters said their final goodbyes to their wonderful uncle.

The Wolffe family is in our thoughts and prayers as we go about our day today. Our hearts have been shattered into a million pieces. Kenny, you have a huge place in our hearts, and you are sorely missed. Kenny I don’t even know where to begin I hurt knowing you are no longer here thank you for all the times we had and for coming into my life and becoming a big brother too me and making me feel like family and all the joy you brought everyone and all the laughs and the crazy / fun moments we had I’m never going to get a facetime from you absolutely cracking me up or riding around freestyling or making up a trip to West Virginia to get Colin in thirty minutes but it’s all memories.