Kerry Beamon Obituary, Death – Kerry joined the Milwaukee Scylla club in 2004, and she went on to serve as the club’s President for a number of years afterward. Kerry joined the club in 2004. 2004 was the year that she participated at the Nationals as a member of the team that went on to compete. Her contributions were a significant factor in the team’s success at the 2017 National Championship, which they won for the very first time. It was necessary for her to take a break from playing rugby so that she could give birth to her beautiful daughter Karleigh with her husband Julius.

Julius is a member of the rugby team. After that, she started back up with her playing career, began working as a coach, and eventually foundedthe group Scylla Legends. She is the player on the Scylla rugby team with the longest tenure of any other player. She leaves behind the continuation of Scylla Rugby as well as everyone who has ever played a game while wearing a jersey to honor her memory. On the field, where they competed, Kerry’s presence was felt to a greater extent than anywhere else. She was a fearsome adversary on the prop and inside center positions, both of which she played.

While she was out on the field, her teammates were able to pick up on her calm confidence as well as her underlying strength. Because she was such a formidable opponent in the set pieces, mauls, and rucks, her name was eventually changed into a verb to represent how she played the game. She was a force to be reckoned with. To Gossinate. Kerry was a real delight to be around, as evidenced by the smile that never left her face even while she chatted with her teammates and other friends after each match. She rose to fame thanks to her Goss shimmy, her ability to down cherry bombs, and her singing along with rugby tunes.

She was most well-known for leading the team in what became known as “prayer,” which consisted of gathering the team together to take a Scylla shot and saying her most sincere “I LOOOOOVE SCYLLA RUGBY.” This became her most famous accomplishment. In addition to this, she was well-known for serving as the game-time captain of the squad. One of her most recent adventures was with the Quad Squad, and during that trip, they were able to watch a live broadcast of the current Scylla squad winning the Midwest Championship.

This gave them the opportunity to congratulate the team on their success. She had an incredible sense of pride for the team as a whole. They will bring her excitement, leadership, and passion with them when they journey back to Nationals. She is observing all of us from a higher vantage point and thinking to herself, “I Still Love Scylla Rugby.” During this time of sorrow, the Goss and Beamon families are in our hearts and on our minds.