Kevin Gannon Obituary, Death – Our hearts were filled with indescribable anguish when we found out earlier today that our good friend and colleague Kevin Gannon had passed away. Since the late 1960s, Kevin, along with the late Paddy Leech, has been an unflagging supporter of the Ballyglass RNLI’s fundraising efforts. Because they have such unwavering faith that the Ballyglass RNLI will one day be able to station a lifeboat in Erris as a direct result of the work that they have put in, we owe the two of them an enormous debt of gratitude. This debt is in the form of an enormous debt of gratitude. Kevin continued to be an ardent supporter of the fundraising efforts, and he never turned down an opportunity to volunteer for the yearly Church Gate collection.

In addition, he never complained about the work that he was assigned. In addition to that, he never grumbled about the tasks that were given to him to complete. Both Eris and Belmullet were very fortunate to have Kevin as their spokesperson. During his weekly shift as a bingo caller, he was the person who was responsible for introducing the majority of people to the “two large ladies, Mary & Kate, or, Maggie’s den the number 10.” He was the one who was accountable for this. It was his actions that were accountable for causing that to happen. Kevin was a fantastic ambassador for both Eris and Belmullet.

Back in the day, many people who lived in Erris knew him as “the ESB man.” This was because he used to travel all around town reading the ESB meters that were installed in each of our homes. This earned him the nickname “the ESB man.” Throughout his life, he maintained the demeanor of a gentleman and was known for his promptness in lending a helping hand to anybody and everyone, regardless of their age. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Mary, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, extended family, neighbors, and a vast number of friends during this trying time. Also in our thoughts and prayers are their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Our hearts go out to you all during this difficult time; please accept our deepest condolences for the loss you’ve suffered.