Kristi Hodgkiss Obituary, Death – The tragic news of the passing of Kristi Hodgkiss has left all of us in a state of profound disbelief. We want her family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time together with her. The news has caught us totally off guard, and we simply cannot believe what we have heard. Kristi has been the advisor for the speech and debate team at North Lamar High School continuously since the year 2003. The club is active in a wide variety of debate and public speaking competitions.

Within the context of the coaching profession, it is widely acknowledged that she possesses the qualifications necessary to be classified as a “three-diamond coach.” She was given a great deal of recognition for the contributions that she made to the community of speech and debate, in addition to the successes that her team had in the various competitions in which they participated. Both of these factors contributed to her receiving this acknowledgment. In each of these competitions, Kristi’s team finished in a very respectable position.

She was able to achieve success in these areas as a direct result of the effort that she put forth. In addition to this, the University Interscholastic League of Texas appointed her to the position of UIL (Texas) District Chair, which resulted in her being awarded the Don Crabtree Distinguished Service Bronze Plaque three times over the course of her career. During this time, she was also a member of the University Interscholastic League of Texas. The National Student Development Association (NSDA) recognized her efforts by bestowing upon her the award for District Chair of the Year in 2017. This was done as a way for them to express their gratitude for all of the hard work that she had put in throughout the previous year. In 2017, she was honored for her efforts by receiving this award.