Kristine Kimery Obituary, Death –  On Monday, November 28, 2022, Kristine Kimery, who had lived in Smithton all of her life and was 56 years old when she passed away, passed away at her home. She was born in San Diego, California, on October 7, 1966, making her parents John Stouffer, who has since passed away, and Karen Stouffer her parents. She is their daughter. Her father had already passed away when she was born.

At the wedding that took place in Ozark, Missouri, in the year 2003, Victor Kimery was one of the guests who attended the event. 1984 was the year that she received her diploma from Marshall High School. Her alma mater was Marshall High School. She attended what is now known as the University of Central Missouri and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Arts from what was then known as Central Missouri State University.

She graduated in 1988. Central Missouri State University was the previous name of this educational institution. Throughout the course of her professional career, Kristine worked in a number of different sales positions, including those in timeshares and box offices, amongst other settings. The teachings of the Full Gospel were something that Kristine adhered to in a conscientious manner. Traveling, attending football games featuring the Kansas City Chiefs, and going to amusement parks and theme parks were some of her favorite things to do in the world.

In addition to her husband, Victor, who resides in the same house, she is survived by her son, Rodney Eugene Short (Veronica), who lives in Slater. She also leaves behind her husband. At a later date, we are going to get together to remember and honor Kristine by celebrating her life while also remembering and honoring her memory. The Heckart Funeral Home and Cremation Services will see to it that all of the necessary cremation arrangements are made for the deceased. They are the ones in charge of carrying out this procedure.

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