Larry Fisher Fl Obituary, Death – Rock Island, Illinois was the only place in the world that Larry Fisher ever considered to be his home, and he did not move from that location until the day he passed away on September 22, 2022, when he was 72 years old. Larry had lived in Rock Island for the entirety of his life. A few days later, he passed away at the age of 72 years old having lived a full life. Visitation will begin at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, September 27, at the Wheelan-Pressly Funeral Home and Crematory in Rock Island. The funeral services will also begin at the same location at 11 a.m. on the same day.

It was decided that the deceased person’s body should be laid to rest at the Rose Lawn Cemetery, which can be found in the city of Moline in the state of Illinois. This decision was reached after a vote was taken. On November 27, 1949, Marvin and Sylvia Fisher became parents for the first time, and the name Larry was the one that they decided to give their son when he was born. Larry was the first day that Marvin and Sylvia¬† Fisher became parents. That was the day that Marvin Fisher and Sylvia¬† Fisher became parents for the very first time. He married Genevieve VanDyke on December 5, 1997.

The deceased individual’s brother, Dick Boos, the deceased person’s wife, Genevieve, the deceased person’s stepdaughter, Lisa Woo, their grandchildren Emma and Jordan, their great-grandchildren Brylee and Cristiana, their best friend, Jayson Chadwick, the deceased person’s caregiver, Mary Norington, and a number of the deceased individual’s nieces and nephews are among the group of people who have survived.

Dorothy, Robert, and Gary, his three younger brothers, and brothers-in-law, came before him in the family tree. This is in addition to his two older brothers. In addition to his two older brothers, he arrived first. Both of his biological parents as well as his stepson Brian Wexell was born before he did, placing him behind them in the birth order of the family tree.