Lauren McRae Obituary, Death – Ashlie Lauren McRae, a resident of Nash, Texas, fought death in her home on May 28, 2016, but she ultimately succumbed to it. Her demise brought an end to her struggle against the march of time. At the time of her passing, Ashlie had just turned 18 years old. Since that fateful Saturday, May 21, when it all started, she had been engaged in a futile struggle against the oncoming onslaught of death. She was facing an uphill struggle in the upcoming fight. Her junior year at Texas High School, where she had participated in junior varsity softball and been a section leader for the drumline, had just come to a close.

In high school, she was also on the softball team. Her date of birth is March 24th, 1998, and Winfield, Alabama is the place where she was born. The 24th of March is her birthday, and Winfield, Alabama is the place where she was born. Winfield, Alabama is where she began her life. Since she was born on the 24th of March, her birthday is celebrated on that day. She received her high school diploma from Winfield, Alabama, which is also the location of both her elementary and secondary schools. On her birthday, which is on March 24, I want to send her warm wishes so that she has a wonderful day and can celebrate in style. Let’s express our best wishes for a happy day for her. Along with her mother, Jennifer Boddye, and her sister, Shara McRae, she had two grandparents: Shara Hammitt McRae, who was her grandmother, and David McRae, who was her grandfather.

She is able to give Ben and Sharon Huguley information about her ancestors. This characteristic is shared by her great-great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Miller, her great-grandparents Orvis and Kathlene McRae, and her great-great-grandfather. Ben and Sharon Huguley, Shara Hammitt, and David McRae are her great-great-grandparents, and all four of them are still alive and well today. Both of her great-grandparents, David McRae and Shara Hammitt, are in excellent physical condition. They were her great-grandparents, and their names were David and Shara Hammitt. the people who came before her.