Lee Rice Obituary, Death – We must break the news to you with great remorse that Dr. Lee Rice has passed away. Please accept our condolences. This is an announcement that we are making with a heavy heart and a profound sense of regret. Dr. Rice is a person who has been part of our inner circle of friends and acquaintances for a considerable amount of time. The constantly positive attitude that he exuded was a quality that fit in well with the culture of our organization. Even after he formally retired in May, he continued to make office visits and check in on a number of patients who had been under his care for a considerable amount of time.

This was one of the many ways in which he showed his dedication to the patients he had treated. Every time he came to visit, he brought with him an assortment of tales, smiles, and laughing (not to mention a few eye rolls). We are going to miss him very much, particularly because he brought a sense of fun and antics to the office. We are going to miss him very much. During this challenging time, not only for Lee’s family but also for our office, we are tremendously grateful to our patients for their understanding and patience. We cannot express how much we appreciate this.
The following is a note from Dr. Gibbs, along with my sincere best wishes:

We were informed that “a very close friend of ours had passed away on December 2.” Dr. Lee Rice died away peacefully in the company of his loving family in the familiar surroundings of their home. In the years to come, many people will have favorable impressions of him. I am sorry that his family has been forced to go through the ordeal that they have. During the larger part of four decades in which we were both employed at the company in question, Lee and I worked side by side in the same office. In recent years, we have both been able to devote less time to our jobs; nonetheless, we have continued to work for the same goals and seek the same values for our respective offices, despite the fact that we have both been able to commit less time to our jobs.

In addition to our close friendship, which was cemented over the course of our 45 years of combined professional experience, we had also become business partners. Coming into the workplace and not being able to talk about daily objectives and treatment possibilities is tough to imagine; but, coming into the office and not being able to discuss about our families, our friends, or our vacations is even more difficult to imagine. [Case in point:] We will all think fondly of him, and we are going to do everything in our power to continue the traditions that he established around here at the workplace. We will not let them die out.