Libby Schaibly; Obituary, Death – Libby Schaibly was a good friend of ours as well as a dedicated volunteer. The gathering that is taking place tonight is in memory of her because she passed away earlier this week under very tragic circumstances, and we will be remembering her tonight. Tonight, the get-together will be held in her honor and in memory of her, and it will take place. A celebration is going to be held in her honor to pay tribute to everything that she has achieved in the past.

We are going to miss her attractive demeanor and affectionate attitude because she has been a committed supporter of our organization for a substantial amount of time and is enthusiastic about music. In addition, music is one of her passions. In addition, her passion for music has served as a source of motivation for her throughout her life. In addition to that, one of her primary passions in life is music. In addition to this, she has a strong understanding for the art of musical performance, which is one of her many strengths.

When she passes away, many people, both inside and outside of the music industry, will be saddened by it because of the influence she had on the lives of others. This is true regardless of whether or not they are involved in the music industry. This is because she had a significant impact on their lives at an important time. This is due to the fact that she altered their life in some way through the things that she did or said. At this time, the Schaibly family is in my thoughts and prayers, and they are receiving a lot of love and positive energy from me. I am sending them my best wishes. I feel a deep sense of sympathy for the loss that they have endured. Throughout this trying time, I will continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers and will hold them close to my heart.