Lilia Kisliak Obituary, Death – A “domestic-related” incident led to the discovery of multiple dead bodies inside a home in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, on Thursday. The discovery was made just hours after officials made the horrifying discovery of the bodies. The names and ages of all five victims who were discovered during a well-being check in the northwest Chicago suburb have now been made public by the authorities. Previously, the authorities had disclosed that two children were among the victims of the shooting. It was determined that they were:

Andrei Kisliak, 39 years old
Vera Kisliak, 36 year old
Six-year-old Vivian Kisliak, pictured here
Amilia Kisliak, 4 years old
Lilia Kisliak, 67 years old

During the news conference held on Thursday, the police stated that a deceased animal was also discovered inside the house. The police stated that an investigation was still “very active and ongoing,” but they did not provide many specifics regarding what took place inside the house. Chief Brian Budds of the Buffalo Grove Police Department stated that “today is a very sad day for our community as we continue to process this unthinkable event.” A well-being check on an adult female prompted the police to respond to a call made at 11:12 a.m. on Wednesday in the 2800 block of Acacia Terrace. According to the authorities, the call came from the residence. It was later discovered by the police that the request had been placed by a coworker of one of the women residing at the home.

After they arrived, they attempted to make contact with anyone who might have been inside the house, but they were unsuccessful. The officials say that a search of the residence, which took place after they had broken down the door to get inside, turned up the bodies of five people who had been killed there. According to what Budds had to say, “there were no survivors and we were not made aware of any information that indicated otherwise.”

Initial findings from the investigation, according to the police, indicated that the incident was of a domestic nature and that there was no active threat to the general public. According to Budds, “It’s Devastating and Traumatic as you Can Possibly Imagine.” “You don’t always have to train for something like that. The nature of our work makes us resilient, but there is nothing that can truly prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. It was a horrifying scene to behold.”

Ivy Hall Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois District 96 has confirmed that one of the children who was found dead was a student there, and that the two children who were found dead were siblings. In a letter to the families of students in the D96 school district, Superintendent Kathryn Sheridan wrote, “Both girls were known to be happy and cheerful children.” All of those who knew them have a special place in our hearts. Several of the neighbors in the area confirmed to NBC 5 that they have on occasion witnessed the police responding to the residence.

One of the neighbors told NBC 5 that they had grown up in the neighborhood, and that “it’s just so shocking for this to happen in a place that I grew up in a safe area.” “I haven’t quite got my head around it yet, but it’s something I’m working on. Especially during the holiday season, things aren’t supposed to be like this at all.”