Lindsey Phillips Obituary, Death –  So many other people must be hurt much more than I am, It’s impossible to predict when a brief exchange that seems to have no significance at all will make someone else’s day. Despite the fact that I only had a passing familiarity with her, I would characterize Lindsey Phillips’s heart exactly like this. Each and every conversation we had about Halloween makeup and decorations was brimming with happiness and vitality. Since you’ve left, the lights in Hollywood Suites have been turned down lower.

Sweet and lovely girl, I hope you get some rest. A fire that broke out at a fireworks warehouse here in Orlando two nights ago claimed the life of Lindsey Phillips, a sweet young woman who was a close friend of Felicia’s. She was, sadly, one of the three people who lost their lives as a result of the tragic event. Although I didn’t know her very well, from the ten to fifteen times Felicia and I ran into her at various Halloween events and the occasional stop at a restaurant called STP, she was always exceptionally nice, and she and Felicia absolutely adored one another. However, I didn’t know her very well because I didn’t run into her very often.

They bonded over their shared love for Halloween event creativity in all its forms, and it was a pleasure to be there alongside them as they shared their enthusiasm for the topic. Lindsey was the one who designed the famous Fog Queen costume that Felicia wore during stream n’ scream, and the two of them worked extremely well together to bring that character to life during that event.

She was only 23 years old and had been working hard to achieve success in the field that she was most passionate about. Her passing is a tragic loss. Her thoughtfulness and originality are qualities that will be sorely missed. I just wanted to take a second to recognize the life that was taken because she is someone who deserves to be remembered and honored. Lindsey Phillips will be remembered fondly by many people.