Luis Acuna Obituary, Death –┬áDuring this incomprehensibly difficult time, we are reaching out to our wrestling family and friends to ask them to band together and provide their support to the Acunas. As we continue to do this, the sorrow in our souls grows stronger. After Luis passed away, there will never be another person who can fill the void that he left behind. However, with the money, Heather will be able to focus on the requirements of her family and house through the tough days that are still to come.

When Luis Acuna entered a room, that room instantly became brighter, and everyone in the room was aware of his presence. This happened every time he entered a room. The majority of our children and we are unable to image a wrestling practice or tournament going place without him in the room, roaming the mats, delivering words of wisdom, and motivating everyone else who is around him. He is an integral part of the wrestling community.

Luis went out of his way to connect with each and every individual and create a rapport with them. After a solid handshake, he would proceed to give the most amazing bear hugs. He was known for this. Within our group, Luis stood out as one of the people who was the most trustworthy. He was deeply committed to behaving in a way that was fair and looked out for the welfare of all parties involved.

It was certain that he loved the youngsters he coached, that he was devoted to God, and that he had a passion for wrestling. It is impossible for us to even begin to comprehend how his absence will be felt at home; all we can do is conjure up images of how it will be felt at RWA. It is impossible for us to even begin to comprehend how it will be felt at home. At this time, we would appreciate it if you could keep Heather, Luis Jr., Jaa, Zavier, and Tino in your thoughts and prayers. Click HERE To View Luis Acuna GoFundMe Page