Lynda Yeadon Obituary, Death –  In the early morning hours of December 3rd, Lynda Yeadon, who had been hospitalized owing to her battles with pneumonia, passed away while she was a patient in the medical facility where she was being treated. She had been hospitalized due to her struggles with pneumonia. She had heroically fought against pulmonary hypertension as well as sarcoidosis, a chronic auto-immune illness that affects the lungs. She had also struggled against sarcoidosis. She was suffering from both of these diseases at the same time. The cumulative impact of recent diseases ultimately had the opposite effect of what was intended.

Her dedicated husband Martin and her children Drew, Sam, Kate, and Sarah, in addition to her other devoted kid Drew, will carry on her legacy after she has passed away. Drew will also carry on her legacy. During this difficult time, the committee would like to convey our most sincere condolences to both them and her extended family. During this trying and terrifying time, we want you to know that you have our love and support, and that we are thinking about you. We want you to know this because we don’t want you to feel alone.

We will never forget Lynda’s extraordinary creative skill, her love for her family and friends, her enthusiasm for musical theater, and her dedication to the growth of our organization. All of these things will live on in our memories forever. All of these things will be ingrained in our minds for the rest of our lives. The musical direction that she provided as well as the aesthetic visions that she had created an imprint on us that will not be quickly forgotten. We were able to put on successful productions of Seussical, Oliver, Madagascar Jr., and The Wizard of Oz because she directed all of these shows for us. Over the course of the past six years, Lynda has made significant contributions to the organization in a variety of areas, such as serving on the Executive Team and the Founding Committee in addition to her work as a Volunteer.

Lynda frequently remarked on how the combination of generating original works of art and presenting her work in front of an audience provided her with a sense of fulfillment and success. She was excited about and involved in every aspect of musical theater, including directing, teaching, singing, producing, setting design, costume design, front of house work, fundraising, and more. Her involvement in musical theater included all of these things and more. Her participation in musical theater encompassed all of these aspects, as well as many more.

She was a reliable friend who could always be counted on, and as a result, she had a large number of fans. Those who were fortunate enough to have had a personal relationship with her will shed tears upon learning of her passing. I pray that she is finally able to rest in tranquility for all of eternity.