Lynn Barfield Obituary, Death – My life has been shattered beyond repair as a direct result of the passing of one of the most radiant spirits that ever graced this planet. I adore you Lynn Barfield. My mom did a really selfless gesture when she married my girlfriend Courtney and me, as my buddy Ashley pointed out. She went above and above for me by marrying Courtney and I. Even if you are a great human being, the world may be a cruel place at times, and that includes you.

Because of the significant contribution you made to the accomplishment of my big day, I will never be able to forget it. The fact that the universe has provided me with you as a friend is something for which I will be eternally grateful. You have left me with this beautiful memory, and it is one that I will always cherish because of what you have done for me. I hope that you will finally be at rest in heaven, and please be assured that we shall cross paths again someday. ~ Bruce Twee Roy Jr.

Bill Lewis. ~  My heart aches today after hearing the awful news. Lynn was one of the first people I met after I came out and moved to the city. I will always remember her for the kindness, empathy and generosity she gave to ALL she came into contact with. She touched so many lives over the years.

Maria Balais. ~  A few months ago, I walked into the Publix at Midtown Plaza and there she was, standing in line at the pharmacy. She asked how I was doing and I told her I was going through a difficult time. She put her arms around me and gave me the best hug. I am in shock about this news, and I am in tears

Kris Rice. ~ There are no words delicately strung together to assuage this feeling at the moment. Only wishing you calmness, peace, and resilience in this time of loss. Always here for a scream or total silence as you search for solace. My condolences