Lynn Cannon Obituary, Death – An ex-partner of a woman whose body was found at a property in Landsdale on Monday evening having been stabbed to death made a brief appearance at a hospital bedside hearing in Joondalup Court on Wednesday morning. The hearing was held at the hospital bedside of the victim. The hearing was conducted next to the victim’s hospital bed in the hospital.

On December 5, at approximately 8.30 p.m., inside their home on Hardcastle Avenue, Paul Cannon, 55, is suspected of killing his wife, Lynn Cannon, 51, just a short time before neighbors phoned the police after hearing cries coming from the residence. Emergency workers discovered the lifeless corpse of Mrs. Cannon, and a little while later, Mr. Cannon was brought out of the house with wounds that he had inflicted on himself. Following his arrest for murder on Wednesday morning, he is currently being kept in protective custody at Royal Perth Hospital. The charge against him was brought that day.

Ms. Cannon’s body had “several wounds,” according to one of the homicide detectives, and the residence will continue to be treated as a crime scene for several more days after this statement was made. According to Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Cleal, an investigation is currently being carried out in order to identify whether or not a weapon was used in the incident. After searching the home, the law enforcement officials took many items out of the home with them because they believed they might be useful in the ongoing investigation.

According to Cleal, the examination into the current status of the connection between the two people who had been married in the past is still underway. When they witnessed heartbroken and enraged family members of the victim consoling one other outside the home immediately after the occurrence, the neighbors were left bewildered about what had taken place.

In an interview with Nine News Perth, a local resident of the area said, “I know there’s a lot of persons that come and go from there.” There were around forty of us scattered about, and we were all asking the same thing: ‘Are we safe?’ Mr. Cannon was given the directive to remain in detention, and the 18th of January has been set as the date of his next court appearance.