Maddie Mogen Obituary, Death -Madison May Mogen was born on May 25, 2001, in Eugene, Oregon, and passed away on November 13, 2022, in Moscow, Idaho. Her existence has always been advantageous to her family and those around her. Maddie spent her first two years of life in Oregon where she was born and raised before moving back with her family to the North Idaho area where her parents were grown. Back in Idaho, she continued to enjoy a joyful childhood. She started out at Winton Elementary before switching to the Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy until she and Kaylee made the decision to transfer to LCHS, from which they would both graduate, after writing a very convincing letter to their parents.

It would be an understatement to say that Maddie is adored by everyone. Everyone who knew Maddie knew not to let her get hungry. She was well recognized for her ability to make people laugh and grin with her unusual sense of humor. Maddie was also praised for her commitment to the future. She achieved academic success throughout high school and college and worked hard at every job she held. As a result, she developed a network of friends, coworkers, managers, and teachers who were happy to serve as outstanding references and praise her for how wonderful she was and how hard she worked.

Maddie was thrilled to attend the University of Idaho, which was a short distance from her home. After moving there, Maddie was on the Dean’s List each semester. She joined Pi Beta Phi and met some of her best friends while having her sister Kaylee close by and her true love, Jake. Because that is how we perceive Maddie, we will always picture her as being surrounded by little, cuddly, pink sparkling objects. Mother Karen Laramie, with whom she had the closest relationship a mother and daughter can have, father Scott Laramie, father Benjamin Mogen, who is married to Korie Hatrock, grandparents Steve and Connie Laramie, Tim Caufield, Kim Cheeley and husband Tom Pagliasotti, Mike Mogen and wife Pamela, aunts and uncles David and Nadine Caufield, Katie and Aaron Black she, and many other cherished friends and family members survive Maddie. We find solace in the fact that Maddie is always held in Grandma Ruth’s arms in heaven.