Maja Janeska Obituary, Death – Maja Janeska, 39 years old and originally from North Macedonia, was killed by gunfire. The Bassonia Estate in Johannesburg is where she was discovered on December 2nd. Since then, there has been a steady stream of inquiries. Who did you fire? She killed herself, didn’t she? Her loved ones are in disbelief, but they are adamant that she could not have killed herself. Up until the time of her passing, she was in a relationship with Adriano Mazzotti’s Carnilinx co-director Kyle Phillips.
The death of Janeska has been officially confirmed by the police, and an investigation has been launched. At this time, the authorities are not viewing anything as being particularly suspicious.

A call was made to the police about a woman who allegedly committed suicide in the Bassonia Estate neighborhood. They discovered a woman with a head wound and a gun close by when they arrived at the scene. When the paramedics arrived, they determined that she was already deceased.
According to the sources, Phillips entered the room immediately after hearing the gunshot that was fired. In the video, he describes how he used to beg people for money in Campus Square. His privileged upbringing comes as a surprise to all of us. According to him, his father owned 11 taxis in addition to two buses. We are aware of the potential benefits of doing so. Because Bonga was so intelligent, his father adored him.

A financial investment was made in Bonga’s education. Bonga attended an Afrikaans school in the 1990s. Because of his intelligence, he skipped Grade 2 and went straight to Grade 4, but he had a troubled childhood. His parents eventually got a divorce. In Rustenburg, he lived with his father, while in Zola, he lived with his mother. The decision was not supported by Bonga’s stepfather. His stepfather never made him feel like he wasn’t a part of the family. Bonga was instrumental in the upbringing of his two half-sisters. He went to a high school in the area but left after finishing Standard 7 (the ninth grade) because of an unfortunate event.