Margaret Inness Obituary, Death – The sad news that long-time volunteer Margaret Inness has gone away is probably already common knowledge to a significant number of you at this point. While on vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the middle of November, Maggie, or Maggie as we knew her, passed away suddenly. This tragic event occurred.
Those of you who did not have the chance to get to know Maggie despite the fact that she was an exceptionally lovely person on the inside are missing out.

We do not believe that we are able to effectively portray through language how incredible of a person she was, nor do we believe that we are able to adequately describe her generosity. Neither of these things are something that we believe we are able to adequately articulate. During the course of her volunteer work at the John James Audubon Center, she has pretty much tried her hand at every single position that is available to volunteers. In addition to the many other roles that Maggie played at this facility, she was known as “The Volunteer for Volunteers,” a humble moniker for the work of organizing all of the volunteers.

Maggie served in this capacity in addition to the many other roles that she played. Maggie was an integral part of our day-to-day operations and helped make the transition that came with the building of our new Visitor Center much smoother than it otherwise would have been without her. She joyfully accepted every assignment and worked diligently through them all.

The size of the assignments did not matter. Even while we are all grateful to her for the work that she did for us, the impression that she left on any one of us as a friend or as a member of the family was much more significant. Her passing has created a vacuum in all of our hearts, and each and every one of us will miss her incomparably.