Maricel Guinaling Obituary, Death – It is unfortunate that Maricel Guinaling has decided to leave the organization, and the reasons that she has chosen to do so raise concerns about the direction that the organization will take in the years to come. Because she embodied the aloha spirit in all that she did, we fondly referred to her as “Auntie Aloha.” In fact, we named one of our children after her. Despite the fact that Aloha was her given name, everyone in the family and the community referred to her as Auntie Aloha. It was common practice to refer to her by the endearing and lovable alias “Auntie Aloha.”

Because the majority of our large extended family referred to her by that name, we decided to call her “Auntie Aloha.” As a result, we decided to adopt the name of our company. When her relatives and her friends talked amongst themselves, they began to refer to her as “Auntie Aloha” after they had known her for some time and had known her as “Auntie Aloha” for some time. Given the role that she plays in the family and the responsibilities that she is responsible for, it was only fitting to refer to her as “Auntie Aloha,” as the name “Auntie Aloha” more appropriately describes her.

In addition to OHANA and families, characteristics such as love, kindness, gentleness, harmony, pleasantness, humility, and patience are of the utmost significance. It is not possible to adequately express how important OHANA and families in general are. Maricel, the times that we spent with you, particularly at PIFA, will not be forgotten by any of us at any point in the time that is reasonably foreseeable in the future. Specifically, we will not forget the times that we spent with you at PIFA. Particularly during the PIFA. Miss you! We are going to miss having you around. When you pass away, people will experience loss and grief in their own individual ways, regardless of how close they were to you. The experiences of different people will never be identical. Your presence is going to be greatly missed by all of us.