Marie Alexander Obituary, Death – A hit-and-run accident that took place in the Watts district of Los Angeles resulted in the death of a woman who was 89 years old. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the event took place on Thursday evening about 11 o’clock close to the intersection of 109th Street and Central Avenue. This information was provided by the department. The occurrence was documented by surveillance cameras that had been installed in the market directly in front of it at the time.

Authorities believe that the woman, whose family has identified her as Marie Alexander, was struck by a Chevrolet vehicle of a dark color while she was attempting to cross the street. Her family has given her the name Marie Alexander. The motorist did not come to a complete stop with his vehicle. Angela Hicks, the victim’s niece, broke down in tears as she spoke to Eyewitness News and said, “Whoever is out there, I need you to know you took somebody very, very close to us.”

They made an announcement along the lines of “She has family, we love her, and we are not going to let this go.” They vowed that they wouldn’t let this go unchecked. Alexander’s relatives and friends think highly of her since she exemplifies their clan’s values and is a compassionate person. “We are going to carry on with our inquiry in order to discover who or what is responsible for what took place to her so that we can hold them accountable.

We hold her in high regard because of the importance that she had for our clan, and as a consequence, our pursuit of justice will never end “Hicks added on to it. The proprietors of a market that is located very near to the site of the collision have asserted that the region is hazardous for pedestrians and that there is an issue with the quality of the street lights in the area. “Recent times, especially recent times, have seen a marked darkening of the sky.

Because there are no lights, there are a lot of car accidents and people who get hit and then run. To put it bluntly, the street may be quite hazardous “Valeria Cordero stated. After hearing a loud crashing sound, the owners of the market hurried outside where they discovered the woman lying unconscious on the ground. It was discovered that she had in fact died at that location.