Marisol Gollnick Obituary, Death – Ms. Marisol has been an instructional assistant at Brevard Academy for the past six years. During that time, she has held a variety of roles there. In spite of the fact that she spent the majority of the day working with only one class, she was still able to make an impression on the lives of each and every member of the faculty and staff on the campus. She began her day by rising early each morning, well before the sun came up, and getting to work. While doing so, she was responsible for monitoring the students who had arrived at the school ahead of schedule and began preparing coffee for the teaching assistants and bus drivers.

She volunteered her services to help maintain our Spanish program because she is fluent in Spanish, and she frequently assisted in acting as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking families. Because she is fluent in Spanish, she volunteered her services to help maintain our Spanish program. Ms. Marisol was a familiar face at a wide variety of student events, including both athletic contests and social get-togethers. She cherished the sense of belonging that she received from being a part of the Brevard Academy community. She was revered by each and every student on the campus as their number one supporter.

We are all going to miss her terribly, and we are going to make it a top priority to honor her memory in everything that we do moving forward. She was an important part of our lives. Tomorrow, the guidance counselors will talk to the students about how they feel about Ms. Marisol’s passing away. In addition, we have included a resource for you below that will help you guide conversations about loss and grief. You can find it by clicking on the link. You are free to discuss this information with your loved ones in any way that you feel will benefit them the most, and there are no restrictions on how you can do so.