Mark Davenport Obituary, Death –¬†Officials from St. Louis County have reported that a man was shot and killed by police officers on Tuesday in a suburban neighborhood of St. Louis. According to these officials, the guy charged at policemen who were attempting to apprehend him, which led to the shooting and death of the man. According to the official, the incident took place when the suspect ran at the officers. He goes by the name of Mark Davenport, and he has been active in this world for the previous 48 years. Rolla is where he was born and raised.

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the St. Louis County Police Department named Sgt. Tracy Panus stated that detectives from Maryland Heights were conducting a search for a man in his 48th year who was wanted in connection with multiple crimes committed in various local counties. The crimes in question were committed in a number of different counties. The offenses were committed in a number of different counties in the state.

She was unable to provide any additional details regarding the charges, although she did indicate that several of the counts involved some sort of physical assault. The authorities made an attempt to detain the suspect as he was leaving the building in Maryland Heights where they had been conducting their investigation. The building is located in the neighborhood of Maryland Heights.

Panus argues that the man did not comply with the commands that were given by the cops and instead charged at the detectives while holding a “edged weapon” in his hand. The officers had given the individual multiple opportunities to comply with their instructions. This information was taken directly from his account. She stated that a Maryland Heights police detective with 14 years of experience shot the man, who ultimately died at a hospital after being transferred there. She also stated that the individual was a black male.