Mark Erb Obituary, Death – Mark Erb, the father of popular New Waverly, Texas and Dirt Racer, Tyler Erb died from a massive heart attack in St. Louis on Wednesday, November 30, 2022. On Saturday night, national dirt late model stars descended on St. Louis, Missouri. The winner of the Gateway Dirt Nationals finale inside The Dome received a $30,000 prize. In the video below, Tyler Erb discusses his father’s death. Tyler Erb started sixth in the race. Erb was all over Tanner English’s bumper for second place on lap 25 of 40. They alternated lanes several times. Finally, off turn two, Erb worked to English’s right rear. Erb advanced to second despite nearly colliding.

With 5 laps remaining, the caution flag flew. This caused the field to re-bunch. On the restart, Erb, Herrington, and Tyler Carpenter banged on doors. Erb drove it all the way to the bottom of turn one. He caught up to Wil Herrington and nearly passed him for the race lead. Erb assigned a lane to Herrington while English examined both of them. They ran three wide off turn two for the lead. Erb pushed it into the third turn. He took the race lead and checked out on the track. Tyler Erb was awarded $30,000 for his victory. And from the winner’s circle, he revealed what it took to get there.

“This is what I used to be really good at.” Tyler Erb said as he crossed the finish line, “It feels good to come out here and just drive the dogshit out of this thing.” “Everyone in our family and close friends is keeping an eye on this.” It would be more convenient for me to say it once and be done…” “My father, who is my best friend on the planet.” We arrived in St. Louis, and he died on Wednesday of a heart attack.” “I sincerely apologize to all of my friends.” It’s difficult for me to say anything.

I sincerely apologize to each and every one of my friends. I’m going through a lot and trying to keep everything to myself.” “I decided it would be best if I stayed here and supported my mother.” I still adore her and will do so in the future. Don’t think of this as a sad story. This is the most terrible news I’ve ever heard in my life.” The audience erupted in applause. “I just raced with it in the back of my mind,” she said. He was most likely assisting us this week.” “From now on, I just have to take life every day,” Erb concluded.