Marla Hudgens Obituary, Death – Marla Jordan Hudgens (DaVee) died at the age of 40 on November 16, 2022, she was a strong leader, devoted mother, and fantastic friend. Marla was accompanied on the next step of their family’s journey by her three beautiful children, Christopher Jay (3) and twins Faye Jordan and Gwen Jacqueline (6 months). “My goal is to live so that every day, year, moment, relationship, conversation, and crisis serves as raw material for me to become a truer, more beautiful version of myself,” she says. Glennon Doyle of Untamed fame

Marla was born on January 24, 1982 in Flagstaff, Arizona. In her impressive but brief life, she held many titles: daughter, sister, friend, teammate, coach, counsel, and, most importantly, mother. Marla aspired to make the world a friendlier, more just, and joyful place. Her unique perspective, sense of humour, and sheer tenacity enabled her to have such an impact on so many people. Marla was a loving mother who took great pride in her children. Christopher was born in Phoenix, Arizona on April 24, 2019. Chris, like his mother, was an inquisitive, charming, and active young man. Chris, like his mother, was devoted to his friends, always there to lift them up and congratulate them on any occasion, big or small.

Throughout his brief life, he was wise beyond his years and formed many close bonds with family, friends, and caregivers. Chris’s passion for swimming and automobiles was only surpassed by his love for his twin sisters. Faye and Gwen were born in Phoenix, Arizona on May 19, 2022. Marla referred to the girls as “Hamburger” and “Hot Dog” because Faye was shorter and rounder and Gwen was longer and thinner. Faye’s smile brightened every room she walked into, and she was especially cheerful at mealtime. Gwen was just the Queen. She was assertive and bossy, but she always led with a smile.

Marla’s passion for soccer began at a young age due to her natural athleticism and fierce competitiveness. Marla could compete with the best on the field, from high school championships to adult club leagues, including men who underestimated her petite stature. Her interest in soccer and youth sports led her to the North Central Phoenix Madison Futbol Club, where she served on the Board of Directors and as the Director of Girls Coaching. She started with no girls teams and has expanded to 14 girls teams in two divisions. Marla, a beloved coach, found inspiration in the mentoring relationships she formed with these young women on and off the soccer field for many years. She adored her teammates and the sense of belonging they provided. Each season, she coached two ages, referring to her teams as “Bigs” and “Littles.” She was overjoyed to see her players’ passion and self-esteem ignite.

Marla’s competitive personality and desire for justice propelled her to success in law. She graduated with honors from Gonzaga University in 2004 and attended the William S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Her legal career began as a law clerk for Nevada Supreme Court Justice James W. Hardesty, who became a mentor to her later in life. Marla began her legal career as an associate attorney at Lionel Sawyer & Collins in Las Vegas in 2011. She later became a partner at the law firm Lewis Roca and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Marla has worked in both commercial litigation and administrative and regulatory law. Marla was regarded as one of the best in her field. Her clients and coworkers adored her, and she was popular in the legal community. Marla quickly established a reputation for integrity, intelligence, and competence during her brief legal career.

She was well-known for her uncommon combination of tenacity and generosity of spirit. She worked tirelessly on her clients’ behalf and served as a mentor and advocate for other young female lawyers in her field. Marla was deeply involved in her community. She was unwavering in her belief that each of us possesses unique talents that, when supported by the community, can propel us to greatness. She had previously served as the Vice President of the Phoenix Lions Club, a charitable organization that helps the blind, disabled, and elderly. Marla was the chair of a scholarship program for graduating high school seniors who wanted to continue their education. Marla will be remembered by the Phoenix Lions Club, which has named this scholarship program in her honor.

In addition to her professional and community accomplishments, Marla was a fantastic friend who maintained more relationships than should be humanly possible. She was always willing to listen, offer sound advice, and brighten your day with her contagious laugh. Marla will be sorely missed. She left our world in better condition than she found it. May we remember her beautiful smile, gregarious personality, brilliant mind, tenacious work ethic, uncanny wit, and timely sense of humor for the rest of our lives. We can be confident that she will lead Chris, Faye, and Gwen on their next adventure.

Marla was preceded in death by her sister, Lexa DaVee, as well as her dogs Gus and Duke. Marla is survived by her parents, Tom and Patti DaVee, her dog Cheddar, her Grandma Marge Elias, and her extended family of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, devoted friends, adored athletes, colleagues, and the many, many other community members who were influenced by her. Please email Cousin Tiffany at to share memories with the family for inclusion in a family album. Bethany Bible Church will hold a Celebration of Life on December 17, 2022, at 10 a.m. Everyone is welcome. Please make a donation to the Madison Futbol Club Coach Marla Memorial Scholarship in lieu of flowers.