Martin Tucker Obituary, Death – Martin Tucker, an employee who worked with our team and was known as “Joker,” left suddenly and unexpectedly on December 2, 2022. Martin’s last day was December 2. Everyone was taken aback by Martin’s untimely passing. When he went away, it was a shocking and unwelcome turn of events that no one could have predicted. It is not an easy task for us to deliver the bad news to you on this most recent turn of events; however, we are obligated to do so. Please have compassion for us and know that this decision weighs heavily on our hearts.

Martin had just recently turned thirty when he had the realization that he desired to move on to the subsequent stage of the competition after he had lately acquired this age. Martin had just reached a major birthday milestone and was in the process of celebrating it at the time. Martin’s father, James “Old Man” Tucker, who is also a member of the 4F Squad, gave him his team jersey on the 10th of August, 2019, and Martin wore it for the first time on that day.

James “Old Man” Tucker is also a member of the 4F Squad. The 4F Squad includes Martin’s father, who is also a member of the squad. This photograph was taken in an unidentified place at an unspecified point in time during the permitted time frame. Both of them could frequently be observed engaging in the hobby activity that they valued the most while visiting the Line of Fire Paintfields, which was located in close proximity to their own homes. After Martin leaves, his presence among us will be sorely missed, and throughout this trying time, we will keep him in our thoughts and prayers. We are sorry for the trouble he is going through. Rest In Peace Martin.