Martyn Guest Obituary, Death – Martyn Guest, a former goalie for the Blues who was diagnosed with leukemia, made a valiant effort to overcome the cancer despite the fact that he was ultimately unable to do so. Unfortunately, he was not successful in his fight against the disease. Despite his best efforts, he was unable to beat the illness despite his best efforts. As a direct consequence of this, he surrendered to his condition and ultimately died as a direct result of the illness he was suffering from.

We are going to have to break the disappointing news to you, despite the fact that doing so would bring both of our hearts a great deal of anguish, but we have no choice but to proceed. The previous season in the Premier League, Guesty was the goalie for the Blues squad, and we won the league championship with his help. The United Kingdom was the location of this particular competition. He was the one responsible for ensuring that our team did not end up in the column for teams that finished with a record that indicated they had lost games.

Everyone at the club had very favorable things to say about Guesty, and the vast majority of those favorable feelings about him are still prevalent to this very day. In addition to this, the vast bulk of the unfavorable emotions regarding him have dissipated. In point of fact, many of those great feelings toward him are still very much there now and continue to be present. This is because of the fact that he is still very much there.

During this trying time, we will continue to keep his family in our thoughts and prayers, and we will also continue to do the same for them. We are sorry for the loss of their loved one. They were the ones who were responsible for taking the picture, which was taken by one of the photographers who worked at Nash photography. They were the ones who were responsible for taking the picture in the first place. This picture was taken by one of the photographers that was working that day.