Matthew Flowers Obituary, Death – Matthew Flowers passed away. He resided in Lower Makefield Township in the state of Pennsylvania. Flowers was the son of Matthew L. Flowers, who passed away, and was born in the city of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania. He has called Falls Township his home for the better part of the last four decades. He was a proud graduate of Holy Family University and an avid fan of the sports teams representing the city of Philadelphia, in addition to Penn State and “Carolina” basketball.

His favorite college basketball teams were the Carolina Tar Heels and the Penn State Nittany Lions. He took a special delight in devising cunning plans to undermine Duke’s authority. The time that Heand his family spent on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey, left them with a wealth of fond memories that they will always cherish. Every morning, He made it a point to go to RJ’s for his morning ritual, which consisted of a cup of coffee, a copy of the newspaper, and some crispy bacon.

After completing his service in the United States Navy, He embarked on a career in accounting that would serve him well throughout the rest of his life. During the time that He was in the military, he was stationed on the USS Kaskaskia. Since He began his career at St. John the Evangelist as a youth basketball coach more than forty years ago, the program has evolved significantly.

The celebration of He’s retirement from coaching, which took place in March of 2020, was the high point of He’s career. During the event, He coached his grandson.

He is survived by his wife of fifty years, Barbara (née Drill), his two daughters, Terri Seifert and Susan Flowers, both of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Benjamin Seifert, his grandson, all of Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania, and his great-grandson. Chick’s son-in-law Christopher Seifert had already passed away prior to He’s passing. He came before him and took his life.