Melanie Ward Obituary, Death – Melanie Ward passed away in the late evening on Friday, and our business has suffered a tremendous loss as a result. We would like to inform each and every member of our work family that Melanie Ward passed away. Melanie started working for this company when she was just twenty-four years old, and she has remained employed there continuously ever since. She started her career in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, when the city only had three different office spaces available to choose from. She had a strong work ethic and was able to create an environment at work in which employees were treated like members of the family. She was able to accomplish this through her ability to create an atmosphere.

She worked hard and devoted her time to helping our company become what it is today, and more importantly, she improved the lives of all of the coworkers who were fortunate enough to be in the same environment as her. Without her contributions, our company never would have gotten to the point where it is at today. She had a genuine concern for her customers and employees, and she was extremely proud of her own family. She also had a genuine concern for her own family. Melanie was someone who was naturally compassionate and kind, and she would go out of her way to assist anyone who needed it. In addition to that, she possessed the most hilarious sense of humor, and she delighted in making the people around her laugh out loud.

If you had known Melanie, you would have loved her, and she would have loved you just as much. She made a significant impact on the lives of a large number of people over a significant amount of time, leaving an impressive legacy behind her. She served as an exemplary role model for everyone, and the individuals whose lives she touched will continue to carry her legacy long after she is gone. During this trying time, her family, friends, and coworkers are in our thoughts and prayers. Please join us in keeping them in yours as well. People will be able to make memorial contributions to her family by contributing to a fund that will be established on Monday at First United Bank. The fund will be used to pay for expenses incurred by the family in connection with her passing.